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International Teacher Certification

American-based teacher certification program offers international option.

International teaching certification opens doors all over the world, putting traveling and living in new cultures within your reach. If you’ve been looking to expand your horizons, getting certified to teach gives you better choices, no matter where you go.  And holding an American-approved international teaching certificate puts you at the head of the pack. It tells schools that you are well-trained, competent and ready to join their team. 

Become an International Teacher

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Teach Anywhere with American Board

American-based education institutions are internationally known for their high standards and ability to produce world class educators. International schools often seek teachers certified through American-based education institutions such as American Board, which provides a structured and proven path to teacher certification.

American Board is a nonprofit organization established by the United States Department of Education to modernize the teaching profession by streamlining the certification procedure. The organization has certified thousands of teachers who now lead their very own classrooms in the U.S. and across the world.

How It Works

American Board’s program includes robust tutorials and online study materials that have been developed by more than 700 field experts, including university professors, published researchers, and experienced teachers.

Because the program materials are so comprehensive, program completion requires no additional university coursework or physical presence in the United States. American Board candidates earn their international teaching certificate by studying for and passing two exams—a subject area exam and a pedagogy exam that assesses the skills and knowledge required of the teaching profession. American Board’s program is entirely online and self-paced; you set your own schedule and earn the certification at a pace that works for you. Candidates are also able to continue working full time while completing the program, so you don’t have to quit your job or take out loans to make it work. At a fraction of the cost of a university program, it gives you an affordable credential to travel almost anywhere in the world and teach!


To Earn an International American Board Teaching Certificate:

1. Select the grade and subject area you want to teach and enroll in American Board’s certification program.

2. Use American Board’s signature materials to study for your two required exams, a subject area exam and a pedagogy exam that assesses the skills and knowledge required of the teaching profession.

3. After you have passed both exams, submit to American Board your transcript and background check for approval.

4. Receive your American Board teaching certificate. 

5. Pick where you want to go in the world, find a teaching job and start a new chapter in your life!


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