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American Board, LULAC Unite to Help Florida Latinos Transition to Teaching

Orlando, FL (September 7, 2012) — LULAC (League of United Latin American Citizens) along with partner organization The American Board (American Board for Certification of Teacher Excellence) will host joint events in Orlando and Miramar this month to help recruit and certify new Florida teachers from the Latino community.

Census data shows that Latino students make up 22 percent (11 million) of the total student population in K-12 public schools today. However, only 5 percent of teachers are identified as Latino.

“Latinos must take their future into their own hands and level the playing field for Latino students by becoming teachers,” said Adrian Rodriguez, LULAC Education Committee Chairman.

A recent Pew Center study found Latino teachers and administrators have a positive impact on the academic achievement of Latino children. Without school-based advocates, Latinos have limited access to advanced courses and as a result are less prepared for college. Although Latino students are 25 percent of the population in districts offering gifted and talented programs, they are only 16 percent of the students enrolled in these programs.

The LULAC/American Board events will educate Latinos on the process of becoming a Florida teacher – how to earn a certification, what financial aid options are available, the possible pitfalls that can occur and how they can be avoided, and what to expect as a new teacher.

Florida Teacher Certification Specialist Zayra Alicia Fosse, who arranged the partnership between LULAC and The American Board, will lead the event. The first event will begin at 5 pm Wednesday, September 12, at the Ana G. Mendez University, 5601 S. Semoran Blvd. in Orlando. The second event will begin at 5 pm Wednesday, September 19 at the Miramar Park of Commerce, 3520 Enterprise Way in Miramar. Both events are free and open to the public.