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So You Think You Can Host?

If you’ve landed here, you’re more than a little interested in hosting an event for us, a national nonprofit that offers online teacher certification. This page spells out everything you’ll need to know, from how to get started to how much we pay to what needs to be included to have a successful event.

Here are a few basics:

  • Compensation is based on how many people actually show up at your event. You turn in the names, email addresses, and area of interest for each attendee, and our team takes it from there.
    • If 4 people or less show up at your event, you get commission of $50 for anyone who enrolls.
    • If between 5 to 15 people show up, you get $35 and commission of $50 for anyone who enrolls.
    • If between 16 to 25 people show up, you get $50 and commission of $50 for anyone who enrolls.
    • If 26 people or more show up, you get $100 and, of course, commission of $50 for anyone who enrolls.
  • If anyone enrolls with us from your event and does not un-enroll within 60 days, you get a $50 commission.
  • We recommend spreading the word through social media, your bowling league, swim club, book club, PTA, etc about the event and encourage friends to let their friends know. Anyone in your online social network or your actual daily social network might be interested or know someone who is. (We all know someone who has talked about being a teacher. Here is a way to actually DO it without going into debt.)
  • Use THIS PAGE during the event itself to show people at the event how the program works. You don’t have to be an expert at our program- just know a few basics about how it works in your state.
  • Send us the ‘leads’ (name, emails, area of interest) ASAP after the event. We don’t bug people, but we will reach out to them to tell them more about our program. Everyone lead gets a FREE 2 week free trial of the program.

If You’ve Made it This Far

…and you’re interested in hosting one event for us, email our Team Manager, Chris Lewis. Pick a date, time and location, and start telling your friends about it.

Check Out How We Work in Your State

Use for Your Event

Use this sign in sheet to collect information. Each individual who fills out:




Area of Interest

counts as a lead for you!

(See compensation levels about to show how this affects you. Hint: More is better.)


We recommend that you host at one of the following places:

Your Home (if it’s all friends you know coming over)


Library Meeting Room

Local Chamber of Commerce Room

Use This Page

During the event, pull up this page on a computer if you need a quick reference guide. It was created specifically to give a simple overview of the program. Remind everyone that they receive a free trial for attending your event. If they have a question you can’t answer, direct them to our Enrollment Team.

Quick Reminder

You DON’T have to know every specific about how our program works in order to do this. We ask that you know the basics (i.e. 2 exams to complete, you must have a bachelor’s degree, etc.) and that’s it!